Logistics for


A full range of warehouse services needed to run your e-business.
Goods inbound & receiving

Quick receipt of goods into stock to make them available for sale. If we already support your traditional B2B channel, it is enough for us to allocate part of our warehouse inventory to e-commerce channels!


We store goods for various sales channels in the same zone or in specially dedicated ones. The solution used ensures efficient storage and easy access to products in the order picking process.

Orders handling, picking & packing

Orders are out for delivery within one business day from receipt. Depending on the location – we are able to send orders received by 6 p.m. on the same day!

Handing over the goods for delivery

We work with many courier companies. Handing over parcels for delivery takes place in a standardized manner and with detailed records.

Returns management

We have prepared a proprietary process of handling returns, but we are open as well to our customers’ concepts resulting from their terms & conditions, internal processes and the specificity of the product range.

Additional services

Wide range of additional services, incl. labeling, printing and attaching documents or forms, adding leaflets, creating product sets, disposal. We offer a wide selection of packaging and fillers.

Parcel shipments

Use popular delivery options in any configuration.
Service provided via
FM Logistic
We work with leading courier companies. Take advantage of our favorable price offer and let us do all the work related to the coordination of operations and management of the complaint process with courier companies.
Own agreement with courier
You want to use your own contract with a courier – no problem! The connection between the systems will be set up so that the processed orders are shipped on your contract with a given courier company.
International shipments
We support customers who are already sending goods abroad or are planning to enable their e-business to order / deliver goods to foreign markets soon.

Support for e-commerce sales

“Take care of the sales and we will take care of logistics”
To fully convey this message we’ve extended our offer with:
  • Marketplace service
  • e-Store service
  • Building and running an online store

Focus on choosing the right assortment, pricing policy and marketing, and leave the daily administration of your e-shop to us!

System integration ?

We are ready to connect to the most popular systems used to run sales in the e-commerce channel.
As fast as your sales in e-commerce channel grows !

Logistics for e-commerce in FM
Logistic ?

From the very beginning you are getting full logistics support:
Logistics for Omnichannel

A single entry point to an integrated logistics ecosystem providing support for the e-commerce channel, courier services, customer service, and a complete set of logistics services for the B2B channel.

“Pay-per-use” billing model

We charge fees only after the service has been done and most of the costs are calculated on the basis of actual consumption – elimination of fixed costs.

Business scaling enabler

From the very beginning, you receive full logistic support for the development of sales in e-commerce. We help in maintaining the pace of development of your e-business, enabling dynamic increases in sales.

Continuous improvement and the latest technologies

You reduce the investment costs on your side. We constantly optimize processes and implement new technological solutions, increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

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