B2B & B2C Customer Service

“Acquiring a new customer can be 5 to 25 times more expensive than keeping an existing one with you!”

Jednym z kluczowych zadań realizowanych przez każde przedsiębiorstwo jest obsługa klienta. Leży ona w centrum zainteresowania zarówno marketingu jak i logistyki i obejmuje wszystkie interakcje, jakie mają miejsce w momencie sprzedaży i później.

As part of the continuous adaptation of the services provided to the business needs of its customers, FM Logistic has extended the scope of customer service to include pre-trade and post-trade stages.

Our Customer Service is aimed at the companies, which:

  • Sell in traditional B2B channel – interaction with business recipients (companies);
  • Sell in B2C e-commerce channel – interaction with end-consumer;

Services included
in the Customer Service:


Providing the client with the necessary information regarding the offer, product itself or terms of cooperation. Answering to consumer questions and making it easier for the company to acquire customers or convince them to take advantage of the offer.

Technical and after-sales

Product information. Helping in solving the problems, which may occur during the post-sale stage. Implementation of the warranty that the buyer is entitled to.

Complaints management

Guiding the client through the process of filing a complaint and clarifying all related issues.

Payment monitoring

Actions aimed at informing the customer about the receivables and their enforcement.

The better the customer service, the better the recommendations. Recommendations, on the other hand, are all kinds of opinions left on the Internet, as well as individual recommendations of your brand, thanks to which you will gain new customers quickly and without incurring any costs.

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